Your Demons


Your demons are not devils,
They are merely wounded animals.
And they only come to stalk you
When you leave them cold and starving.

They are lost without affection,
No tender words to soothe them.
And they cry out in the dark of your night,
Howling pain and sore affliction.

But all you see is gnashing tooth and cutting claw,
A creature who wants to bleed you.
So you’ll fence them in
With barbs and wires and chains,
And punish them for feeling.
They punish you for feeling.

In your sleep, you can still feel
The heat of their breath
And the glint of their eyes
Beneath that thick black darkness.

But, my love, they have not come for your soul.
Oh no, they have come for your healing.
Oh how they need your healing.

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