Shine Your Light


It’s messy. It’s up and it’s down. But when you feel yourself returning to yourself, the self you knew when you were a carefree child, but also a new version of yourself that you’ve never known, that is discovery. That is joy and aliveness and peace.

I believe that we will be many versions of ourselves in this lifetime. That’s the way it is. But in every iteration of yourself keep that spark that is uniquely you. Truly, let it shine. Don’t let that old bushel they talk about it in the songs hide your light. Because it’s so important. That light that you shine in the world is the very essence of truth and goodness. It’s your little bit of divinity. And when the meaning of life seems so hard to extract from this pain of existence, that light is always there in you trying to beam through the fog, to show you the way to the shores of your truth. I hardly believe it myself most days, but you are good and you have goodness to give to the world, and despite the slog that life is most of the time, I am so overwhelmed by the amazing goodness that is also waiting to be experienced. It’s there. I promise you.

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